Street  tables &  racks for clothing shops

Perehaps the best street tables and racks for clothing shops for outdoor sales

Street Butlers street stands are rock solid. The structure is made of  lightweight stainless steel, with a strong durable powder coating. A  strong and durable street stand..

Perhaps the best street table for outdoor fashion sales

Street Butlers street tables are designed for the demanding store owner.  As our street stands, is our street tables built to last. Beautiful and very solid street table, ment to use year after year.

Perhaps the smartest SALE box for street sales

Street Butlers street sales box, which completes street furniture. A strong little guy who sells your clearance sale, year after year.  Street sales box complementing street table.

Becom a Streetbutlers reseller or sole agent in your country. Please read about our reseller program

Europe's best dealer agreements in street furniture

Street Butlers are constantly working to make the best street furniture for the demanding store owner.

Our strategy are very very simple.

1. Only happy customers.

2. Our reseller package include a complete set up

3. Social media marketing material.

3. Facebook "share"material package per week

4. Twitter news material package pr month

5. Weekly graphic social media material send to you

6. Flyers in your langue

7. Website integration

8. Website in your langue

9. Delivery  direct from out stovk to you customer.

10. Your name on the package to your customer

Example of weekly Twitter marketing material. Resellers can tweet news every week.

Examble af weekly Facebook "teaser".

These are not the original size. We deliver in the prefered format to:






As reseller you can have your own text or use our weekly campaign teasers.

Video teasers

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